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Stretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus Stores

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How To (Discreetly) Find The Right Engagement Ring Size

It's the big day. You have been carrying the ring around in your pocket for weeks, waiting for just the right moment to pop the question. You have planned out every detail: the lighting, the mood, the music, the food. What about the ring? Are you sure that it will fit? Here are some ways to make sure that, when the time comes to pop the question, the moment won't be spoiled by a ring that does not fit.

Just ask!

The most direct and sure way to make sure that your fiancee-to-be's ring is sized correctly is to have a jeweler professionally size the ring for her. This process only takes a few minutes, and can ensure that you get exactly the right size, but it can also spoil the surprise if this is done very close to the actual proposal date. Going into a jewelry shop several months in advance for a different purpose, such as buying a necklace or earrings, can be a chance to get her ring size without drawing too much attention to what you are doing.

Build a network of spies...

A less direct method is to ask a trusted friend or member of her family to find out. Mothers often know what their daughter's ring size is, and may therefore be a good person to start with. Sisters can also sometimes "borrow" a ring that fits her well so that you can take it to a jeweler to have it sized. Her best friend may also know, and will be ecstatic to find out your secret. Finding a good confidant can be a great way to find out the information you need. Just make sure that your ally is good at keeping secrets.


If you are able to spend time in her room, it may be possible to use a ring she already owns to find her correct size. Use a ring sizing chart to determine the inside diameter of a ring that she wears on the correct finger. Placing the ring on the pictures can help you to get an accurate size. However, make sure to use the actual ring, because tracing it on a piece of paper will be a much smaller circle than the ring itself.

Finally, when in doubt, buy the ring a bit larger than you think she will need. Rings can always be re-sized by a professional jeweler like Heritage Jewelers, and it is much easier to show off a ring that is a bit too big than one that is too small. 

By making sure that the ring fits, you are one step closer to an amazing proposal. Good luck and best wishes!