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Stretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus Stores

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Unique Wedding Dresses And Accessories For Your Big Day

Your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style. Your wedding dress and the accessories you choose should also reflect your style. Nobody says you have to wear a white dress, or that you have we wear solid white heels to match. You can wear whatever you want for your wedding dress and accessories.

See below for a few unique options for both:

The Dress

Yes, a white organza and tulle ball gown style dress is beautiful for some brides, but maybe you want something a little different. Something like the ones below:

  • Pattern. An off white and pale pink, sweetheart neckline gown, with beaded flowers on the bodice and spread around the skirt. This look is great for someone what doesn't want a simple white gown.
  • Tipped. A lace strapless ivory gown tipped with gold sequins on the skirt, or a strapless ivory gown with a grey dip dyed skirt hem.
  • Feathers. A strapless mermaid gown with feathers around the skirt is a very dramatic, beautiful and unique look.
  • Color. If you want to add color to your gown, while still having a white gown, you can add a layer of fabric to the inside of your skirt. It can only be seen when the skirt is swung around, such as while dancing.
  • Open Back. Open back gowns are a great way to add a dramatic feature, while not being too overly showy, such as with deep necklines. It's sexy, but also demure. This type of gown is best with higher necklines, or strapless gowns.

The Accessories

  • Shoes. Basic white heels can always be worn, but what about giving them some life by adding some of your very own artwork. Add your monogram, some hearts and flowers, or Mr. & Mrs. with your last name on them. Wear a bright pair of heels such as a bold red or teal blue. If heels aren't your thing, wear your favorite pair of tennis shoes beneath your gown.
  • Bouquet. Your wedding bouquet doesn't have to be flowers. It can be a gorgeous metal bouquet made to look like vintage jewelry. Add the metal jewels to a foam ball to make it a little lighter weight.
  • Hair. Rather than wearing a tiara in your hair, go with a vintage hair clip, barrette, or head band. You can use these in addition to your wedding veil, or skip the veil all together.
  • Garter. Make your own garter using a vintage head band, or an old barrette and a plain solid color garter. 

Your wedding will be a reflection of your unique style, so show it off. Don't just mimic what you see in bridal magazines, or what your closest friends wore for their wedding. Make your wedding all your own. To learn more, contact a company like Bridal Extraordinaire with any questions you have.