Stretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus StoresStretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus Stores

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Stretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus Stores

When you're looking to get great products and even better prices, one of the things I've learned is how to shop surplus stores. When you shop a surplus store, you can buy overstock items from your favorite name brands at a fraction of the price. After shopping stores like this for many years, I've learned how to maximize my money when I'm looking at overstock like this. I created this site to help others learn how to save money on their shopping adventures as well. I hope that the information here helps you to better prepare for your next trip out and make the most of your budget.


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Four Ways To Make A Difference In The World - By Shopping

People love to shop, but some feel guilty about how the products they buy may affect the environment. Or there may be guilt over having so much while others around the world go without. Luckily, there are a growing list of corporations, both large and small, that are working to find a compromise that can help the planet, the less fortune and the average shopper's guilty conscience. These people are changing how business is done and, by doing so, are helping shoppers to make the world a better place. Purchasing from the corporations supports their efforts and sends a message to other companies that ethical business practices are profitable.

Choose Companies With Smarter Manufacturing Policies

Numerous companies have updated their manufacturing processes to include equipment and methods that create less pollution. Many are using recycled materials in their products, concentrating on only sustainable methods of harvesting raw materials and finding new ways to reuse waste water. Environmentally safe packing materials and converting offices and factories to green energy are also frequent methods these companies employ. An online search of environmentally responsible companies will provide names of those businesses working hard to make a difference. Consumers can search by country or by industry

Spend With Corporations That Love to Give Back

Corporations have given generously to charitable organizations for years, but many are stepping up this giving in a number of ways. Some are designing products specifically for this purpose with a portion of the proceeds going towards the chosen charity. A well-known example would be the numerous pink items that raise money for breast cancer research. Others are sponsoring charitable events, donating products for charity auctions and holding fundraisers of their own to benefit specific causes. People who support specific charities can look to see who their largest corporate donors or sponsors are to see which corporations share their beliefs.

Look for Buy One, Give One Deals

This method is similar to the donation campaigns mentioned above, but in this instance, consumers directly control how many people receive help. By buying a product, the same item is then given to a person in need. There are companies that offer a pair of shoes for each one purchased. Others donate a free meal when specific foods are bought, or give eyeglasses to those in need whenever a pair is purchased. It is easy to find lists of companies that have this offer as well as those that donate a portion of each sale to specific causes too. 

Purchase Innovative Green Products

Just when the world thought it had seen everything, along comes sustainable bamboo underwear and smart windows that heat and cool homes and offices by controlling solar power. An amazing array of products designed to save the users money, reduce energy usage and prevent waste are entering the marketplace every day. Some will prove unsuccessful, but others may become standard household products that will help to reduce many carbon footprints. When the shopping bug hits, why not take the time to look for unique products with a purpose like these? A purchase supports businesses that are looking for real answers and may even save the buyer money over time.

Many corporations are working hard to address the problems in society today. Whether their cause is to reduce the pain of poverty, raise money for organizations trying to find the cure for numerous diseases, or make the planet a cleaner place to live, consumers should do their part as well. By restricting their purchases, whenever possible, to companies that are working hard to do the right thing, other corporations will soon realize they will have to change their own ways in order to continue to receive the profits they need.