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What Information Does A Jewerly Appraiser Use To Determine Value Of A Diamond Ring?

If you inherited a diamond ring and want to sell it, then you need to know the value of your jewelry before selling. The certificate of authenticity does not include the dollar value of the jewelry. For these reasons, most people look to jewelry appraisals to determine value. Read on to find out what information an appraiser uses to determine the value of diamonds.

Monitor Sales Data

One of the ways to make an appraisal is to monitor sales data for a similar item. Appraisals obtain this information from word of mouth, check customer's sales receipts, monitor asking prices for rings online and in print advertisements and research sales at regional and national auction houses. However, it is easier to determine the current wholesale market value of diamonds. Current wholesale market value is easier to determine because of the accepted grading standard and trade databases. 

Establish Color Grade

Color grade is determined by looking at how colorless a diamond is, which means not having much color. Colorless diamonds are very rare and very valuable. Most diamonds have tints of brown or yellow.  A colorless diamond would rate higher on the grading scale than a diamond with a yellow tint. The more color a diamond has means the less value it carries

Determine Clarity Level

Clarity level of diamonds are determined by looking at natural flaws. An appraiser looks for flaws on the surface of the diamond and inside of the stone. If the imperfections are hard to see with a 10x loupe, then the diamond is more valuable. Stones with flaws that are easy to see are given a lower grade. This type of diamond is not as expensive.

Determine Cut Quality 

Diamond cut quality is determined by measuring proportions of the stone and determining how close they are to ideal proportions. Diamonds with ideal proportions have the greatest sparkle and brilliance. Characteristics used to determine cut are the stone's top facet, symmetry, polish, total depth, thickness of the edge of the stone and the size of the diamond's bottom facet. A diamond with proportions close to the ideal standards for its cut is more valuable.

It also helps to understand that some cut types have a higher market value. Round cut diamonds are more valuable than stones of similar quality.

Most family members enjoy inheriting jewelry from a deceased loved one, but may need to sell it for extra cash. However, knowing the value helps you to get the best price for your ring.