Stretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus StoresStretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus Stores

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Stretching Your Shopping Budget With Surplus Stores

When you're looking to get great products and even better prices, one of the things I've learned is how to shop surplus stores. When you shop a surplus store, you can buy overstock items from your favorite name brands at a fraction of the price. After shopping stores like this for many years, I've learned how to maximize my money when I'm looking at overstock like this. I created this site to help others learn how to save money on their shopping adventures as well. I hope that the information here helps you to better prepare for your next trip out and make the most of your budget.


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Tips For Planning A Restaurant Birthday Party

If you have a loved one who is having a birthday soon, chances are excellent that you want to be sure that you show them a good time. The problem might be that you don't have room in your house to have more than a couple of people over, and there is no one else that is willing to open up their home. If this is the case, you can always have the birthday celebration at a restaurant. This will be a great way to allow people to bond and talk to one another, show their love and appreciation for your friend, and eat delicious food. Here are some tips for planning a restaurant birthday party.

1. Get a Guest List Well Ahead of Time

In order for the birthday plans to go smoothly, you will need to be sure that you have a guest list ahead of time. Send out invitations well in advance and ask for people to tell you by a certain date, at least a week before the party, if they are coming, how many people they are going to bring, and if they have any food limitations. This will allow you to get a count of the number of people who are coming, as well as help you determine the restaurant that you should choose. You need to know how many people are coming ahead of time in order to be able to reserve a private room at a restaurant if you have a lot of people or a smaller room if you do not.

2. Choose a Restaurant With a Wide Menu

Choose a restaurant that has a wide variety of foods to choose from so that you can be sure that all of the guests are going to be happy.

3. Determine Payment Ahead of Time

Everyone knows that the person in whose honor the birthday party is being thrown should not have to pay for his or her food, but you might not have a clear idea on how the rest of the check should be divided. Consider the people who are coming. If they are all relatively established and have good jobs, consider including in the invitation that the bill is going to be split equally between everyone. If you have people from varying financial backgrounds, then this might not be the best idea. A person might want to help your friend celebrate his or her birthday, but might only be able to afford a small side salad. It would be hard for that person if they would be expected to split the bill equally. If this is the case, simply mention the payment plan and tell people that if they have any concerns, they can email you. This will allow you to make separate payment arrangements for these people, such as having them pay for whatever they order, plus a dollar or two of your friend's dinner so that they feel that they are participating. Talk to the restaurant ahead of time about the best way to make this happen.

For more information, talk to the restaurants that you are considering or check out websites like